Editor of the Year

The individual has achieved standards of excellence in the creation of an Alberta magazine or magazines, demonstrating that they: fulfill the stated mandate or vision of the magazine through editorial content that is engaging and relevant to its target audience; and maintain high standards of editorial quality throughout the magazine.

The individual also demonstrates strong qualities of resourcefulness, collaboration and vision, as demonstrated by the nominee’s ability to: bring out excellence in writers; maximize economic and people resources in the creation of superior content; and engage stakeholders in venues beyond the magazine in ways that strengthen the magazine’s brand and sustainability.

EVAN OSENTON, Alberta Views

Captaining a politically minded magazine that stakes its reputation on thoughtful and thought-provoking journalism is a challenging assignment in the best of times. Maintaining that mission and those standards throughout a year like 2020 is nothing short of remarkable. Since he took on the editorship of Alberta Views in 2012, through good years and years like the one just past, Evan Osenton has helped the magazine stay its course and established it as an important resource and dialogue-creator for its informed and loyal readership.

As one of only two full-time editorial staff, Osenton has a hand in bringing pretty much every word that appears in each of the 10 annual issues of Alberta Views to print. But it’s his editorial skill with feature articles that earns special accolades from contributing writers — and numerous industry awards for those writers. Osenton has been described as a “roll-up-your-sleeves editor,” equally adept at big-picture planning as he is in attention to detail. (His extensive knowledge of the minutiae of Alberta government policy is said to be unparalleled.)

Writers and collaborators praise his sharp journalistic instincts, his unwavering commitment to factual accuracy, thorough research, and his willingness to work closely alongside them in the pursuit of balanced and readable stories, without sacrificing writerly autonomy or compromising their voice.

“Evan is brilliant, creative and funny, but more than anything I respect his integrity. His dedication to Alberta Views and his commitment to the public good have sustained us over the years. I’m so happy to congratulate him,” said Jackie Flanagan, Alberta Views publisher.

A writer’s editor, an editor’s editor, Osenton is the driving force behind the stories that continue to define Alberta Views, rising to the challenge of a year like 2020, and prevailing.

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