Emerging Writer

This award is open to non-fiction work written by current post-secondary students, recent grads or interns with a maximum three years’ professional experience. This award goes to the writer whose early work in magazines shows the highest degree of craft and promise.

Sponsored by the Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation




2021 Honourable Mention

  • Giving Back Better

    WRITER Travis Klemp
    EDITOR Käthe Lemon

    Avenue Calgary

Previous Winners

  • 2020 GOLD | Only Skin Deep

    WRITER Alexa Hrycun EDITOR Matthew Stepanic

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2020 SILVER | Full Circle

    WRITER Stephanie Joe EDITOR Käthe Lemon

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2019 GOLD | Bear With Us

    Fabian Mayer

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2019 SILVER | Threshold

    Scott Jackshaw

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2018 GOLD | May It All Be Poetry

    Maya Gupta

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2018 SILVER | Design For Everyone

    Madiso Farkas

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2017 GOLD | Taking Names

    Chris Cassis

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2017 SILVER | Those Who Love the World and Their Animals Madly

    Kevin Holowack

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2016 GOLD | The Next Campus

    Mack Lamoureux

    The Yards

  • 2016 SILVER | The Human Touch

    Allison Voisin

    The Yards

  • 2015 GOLD | A Tale of Two Forms

    Peter Takach

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2015 SILVER | A Paragraph

    Josh Greschner

    Glass Buffalo

  • 2014 GOLD | Please Do Not

    Lisa Bush


  • 2014 SILVER | Living the Dream

    Sara Samson

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2013 GOLD | The Accuser and Us

    Melissa Molloy

    Profiles West

  • 2013 SILVER | Ten Tree Sees the Fores and the Trees

    Racquel Fletcher

    Degrees Magazine