Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey

Date: 14th June 2021

Cultural Affairs at the Department of Canadian Heritage has launched the Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey. It is an opportunity for all artists and content creators in Canada to be heard and to see themselves represented in the survey results.

What is it?

  • This survey is part of the Department’s ongoing research to fill data and knowledge gaps related to the cultural sector and to the economic sustainability of Canadian artists and creators.  The survey launched in May and will be accessible online until July 2, 2021.
  • In helping to create an updated portrait of the artistic and creative community in Canada, the data gathered through this survey will serve the important function of informing future and existing Canadian Heritage work, ensuring the Department continues to be responsive to the creative sector’s reality.
  • This pilot research project targets artists and content creators working in Music (live performance and sound recording); Visual arts (including craft and design); Performing arts (as performers and creative roles critical to their production); Writing (in all forms and on all platforms); and Audiovisual directing and content creation (including social media, video games, television and film).
  • The key variables that will be measured are related to the artistic or creative occupation; employment and income before and during the pandemic; funding context and relations with industry; and demographics.

Why should your organization participate?

  • Your organization would be at the forefront of efforts that will help to gather intelligence about the space in which it works and to reflect the reality of its members.
  • Widespread participation and a high response rate will help us share meaningful key findings and results that are of interest to your organization while safeguarding respondents’ privacy.
  • The anonymized, aggregate survey results will also be published and made available online for your research needs.
  • Survey results could be used in the future to help support recovery measures, program design or policy development.

How can you help?

  • Help us ensure the survey is reflective of realities on the ground by sharing the survey link to your distribution list and within your networks.
  • Encourage your members to participate. The more people participate, the better informed and able we will be to continue serving the sector in an effective, timely, and responsive manner.




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