Central Web is Committed to Supporting Customers through Value-added Services

Date: 4th May 2021

By Sarah Moore

Alberta Magazines Conference 2021 sponsor Central Web is a company that, as a publisher itself, has a first-hand understanding of the needs of magazine publishers. Printing magazines is a part of its core business, a niche market it has evolved to fill since 1967.

General manager Mike Levitsky says that Central Web, the only commercial heatset web facility in Alberta, is more than just a printer. It offers full-service for all of a publisher’s needs, from the start of printing through to distribution. This allows publications to grow their audience and brand by making sure their product gets into the hands of their target audience.

Over the years, Central Web has developed relationships with many service partners to expand its custom printing solutions, providing one-stop shopping. “Whatever the customers need, we’ll find a way to get it done,” says Levitsky.

These services include custom distribution fulfillment, specialty inserts such as reply cards, third party custom brochures, and return envelopes, and special cover finishing including embossing, foiling, UV coating and laminating.

Central Web is committed to supporting every individual client. Each project is managed by the same person at all the way through, ensuring the results are what the publisher needs.

Levitsky calls it a reciprocal relationship: magazine publishers are key to Central Web’s business, so Central Web will support publishers through providing the services necessary to turn out great printed products.

Those printed products are here to stay, despite the pressure magazines face to go digital.

“[Publications] do have to have an online presence, but their physical piece is still very important because there’s a keepsake to it,” says Levitsky. “There is a demographic that will never turn away from the printed piece. It’s just something that you can’t replace digitally.”

With two locations, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, and an array of services including prepress, printing, finishing and distribution, Central Web is committed to supporting Alberta magazines.

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