Investment in Alberta’s Magazine Industry

Date: 5th October 2018

From left to right: Katharina Doyle, Creative Scrapbooker, Suzanne Trudel-Peters, AMPA Executive Director, Joyce Byrne, AMPA President and Group Publisher, Avenue Calgary, Ellen Percival, Calgary’s Child, MLA Michael Connolly. Image taken by Don Molyneaux

From the Government of Alberta’s News Release: “More support for Alberta’s magazine industry

The Alberta government is investing in the province’s magazine publishing sector as part of its ongoing commitment to preserve Alberta culture, help create jobs and diversify the economy.

Over the next four years, an additional $219,000 a year will support Alberta magazine publishers. This will increase the sector’s annual funding to more than $650,000.

“Alberta magazines are experiencing a renaissance and provide readers with unique literary and visual experiences. Our government is proud to support the editors, art directors, writers, graphic artists and publishers who add to Alberta’s creative cultural landscape. I encourage all Albertans to pick up an Alberta magazine to explore new ideas.”

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism

This funding will help grow a sustainable magazine-publishing industry in Alberta. It will help organizations hire talented professionals, develop intellectual property and create quality products.

“Magazines serve as a trusted source of information and insight, prompting important conversations and helping to tell the stories that reveal Alberta’s diverse culture, rich history and promising future. The government’s far-sighted investment in Alberta’s magazine media will reinforce this important economic pillar, help boost capacity and broaden the impact home-grown magazines have, within Alberta and beyond.”

Joyce Byrne, president, Alberta Magazine Publishers Association/ group publisher, Avenue and RedPoint Media

Alberta’s cultural industries support the government’s economic diversification and job-creation priorities.

Quick facts

  • Alberta publishers deliver 18 million copies of Alberta magazines to readers each year.
  • Alberta’s magazine-publishing industry produces nearly 200 titles annually.
  • The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association was founded in 1995. It supports Alberta magazines through promotion, advancement and practical programs that foster professional development and industry growth.
  • The association has 57 members, many of which are owned and operated in Alberta.


AMPA President, Joyce Byrne, also kicked off the month of October as Read Alberta Magazines Month. To learn more about the ongoing events throughout the month of October, view AMPA’s post here.

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