Vote long-time AMPA member Airdrie Life for Airdrie Business of the Year award

Date: 10th September 2020

A message from airdrielife’s publisher and Editor-in-Chief Sherry Shaw-Froggatt:

“WOW. This is incredibly humbling especially in the world we live in today. And I am not talking about pandemics… airdrielife is a finalist for the Airdrie Business of the Year Award. What makes this so amazing to me is the fact we are a print-focused business. For 17 years we have produced a quarterly magazine celebrating the good life in the city we live in. Except for this summer, which saw a digital only issue, we have consistently published 80 – 120 pages of professional editorial content every 12 weeks. It would not be possible without the support of the local businesses that believe we are a solid media choice.

To the incredible list of contributors that make airdrielife look so fine, I thank you:┬áKristy Reimer, Sergei Belski, Stacie Gaetz, Vanessa Peterelli, Kimberly Williams, Wendy Pratt, Britton Ledingham, Katie Dudek to name a few, and so many others who have contributed over the years. Thank you to our advertisers and thank you to our readers. We do this for you. And if I may humbly ask you cast your vote today and help us achieve this honour, because in an era of digital noise, a little magazine about the good life in Airdrie is worth celebrating.”

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