Unfriending Facebook: Building Relationships Beyond The Newsfeed

We all know Facebook isn’t generating revenue for publishers. Guess what? That trend is never going to change, and publishers shouldn’t expect it to. Facebook (and social media platforms in general) aren’t here to boost your brand or fund media, they’re here to repackage the content you paid for. So, what to do? Well, if you’re a Facebook-dependent independent media outlet that doesn’t get a seat at the table in newsfeed negotiations, you pivot—and not to video. Kate Lesniak from Bitch Media tells you why it’s time to stop counting on Facebook to care, and how to build a revenue model that engages readers somewhere else when it really counts.

Kate Lesniak is the publisher at nonprofit independent media organization Bitch Media, where she develops outstanding engagement product and models that not only distribute content, but also sustain organizations financially. Before Bitch, Kate worked as a digital organizer and fundraiser, most recently with Democracy for America as the deputy finance director and with Corporate Accountability International as a grant writer for special projects.

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