Big Circulation Ideas for Tiny Budgets

Stretch. Pinch. Shoestring. If you’re helming circulation for a small, niche magazine, you’re probably pretty tired of those words. Faith Drinnan teaches you better words, like efficiency, strengths and results. She’ll reveal her top circulation strategies and solutions for magazines working with limited funds. She’ll show you how to minimize snags and maximize capabilities, while keeping the condition of your budget invisible to your happy subscribers.

Faith Drinnan’s passion is growing magazines. As the CEO of the Oyster Group, she loves to see them grow to be healthy, happy, and profitable. Faith has been finding and keeping subscribers for magazines since 1979. Faith continues to share her passion for Circulation and Fulfillment by presenting at MagNet, the International Regional Magazine Association, the British Columbia Association of Magazine Publishers, the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, Mags East, and Magazines Canada School for Circulation.

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