Making Social Media Make Sense

Social media is a key source of website traffic, an exciting way to showcase your content, and the key to building a community around your brand. But how much time and resources should you devote to this channel? What team and what tools are required to measure and maximize your ROI? Using real-life case studies from media brands using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Jennifer Reynolds will teach you to create and maintain a social footprint that fits your publication, and will expand your audience, promote your brand, and drive more revenue.

Jennifer Reynolds is a digital media strategist with more than 15 years of experience building digital communities around branded content. She has provided strategic services for some of Canada’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers, including Reader’s Digest and Postmedia Network. Since 2008, she and her team have built one of the country’s largest and most engaged magazine fan communities for Reader’s Digest  and Best Health.

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