Kilian Schalk

Founder, PurpleGray Consulting

Speaking Events

2A Content-First Workflows that Support Multi-Channel Publishing

An expert in workflow design and an “energetic, passionate devotee of continuous improvement,” Kilian has been working miracles in a multi-channel environment for decades. Most recently he positioned America Media, one of the oldest periodicals in the U.S., to “lead the conversation about faith and culture,” and in 2018 he created the blueprint for a workflow overhaul of Vanity Fair. Before founding PurpleGray Consulting in 2014, Kilian was Managing Editor for Editorial Development at Condé Nast, where he helped to define and implement cultural change across 18 titles. Prior to that he spent 11 years as Technical Director of Digital Projects for The New Yorker, where he was integral to the launch of the magazine’s website, digital archive, and kindle, nook, and iPad editions. He was also the youngest Production Manager in Rolling Stone history.

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