The Showcase Awards competition is open to work published in an issue dated in the eligible year, in any AMPA member magazine in good standing. Submissions from digital magazines and magazine websites must be original work first published during a specific calendar year.

Early Bird entry deadline: Jan. 15, 2021 at 4PM
Entry deadline: Jan. 25, 2021 at 4PM
Early Bird fee: $40 per entry
Regular Fee: $45 per entry
Small circulation (<1000) and freelance Early Bird: $30
Small circulation (<1000) and freelance Regular: $35

Each AMPA member magazine publisher (not individual contributors or members) is eligible to receive one free entry. Use code: GIFTENTRY. You will be prompted to pay, even if your total is $0.00. Select pay by cheque and type GIFTENTRY into the notes section and you will not be invoiced. This entry must be completed separate from any paid entries.

PDF Upload Specifications: high-resolution (300dpi) image, in PDF format only, no larger than 20 MB

Due to site capacity, you may only submit 5 awards entries at a time. There is no Save and Continue functionality. To submit additional entries, please complete the form again. There is no limit on award entries. If you’re paying by credit card you’ll need to pay for each group of 5 submissions separately. If you choose pay by cheque, we’ll send you a single invoice for all submissions.